Optical Encoder, Profinet; 58mm Hub, 15mm Blind Hollow Shaft, M12 x 3 plug side
Posital OCD-EIB1B-1213-B15V-PRM

POSITAL Absolute Encoder - Optical

Multiturn (4096 revs) Optical encoder, 8192 Steps

Profinet communications

Mechanical Gearing (no Battery)

Blind Hollow Shaft ø15 mm, ø58 mm Hub

Radial 3 x M12 plug connection

IP67, Material: All Stainless Steel

Supply Voltage: 10 – 30 VDC

Optical technology has been used by POSITAL since 1963 and provides maximum resolution and accuracy by scanning the position of a coded material.

For use in areas with high magnetic fields, and has no risk of these devices losing track of their absolute position

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