Modbus RTU, Magnetic Encoder; multiturn (32768 rev), 58mm body, 15mm Blind Hollow Shaft, 1 x M12
Posital UCD-M200B-1516-HFSS-PRM Modbus RTU Encoder

POSITAL FRABA magnetic technology, multiturn encoder supporting  Modbus RTU, Serial RS485 communication protocol  

Key Benefits 

  • Open Standard User Friendly 
  • Easy to Implement Cost efficient
  • Low cost Bus Product Compact Design Based on the Magnetic UC Platform
  • Fully Programmable Resolution -> Stock Program Suitable

Programmable Parameters 

  • Baudrate 
  • Parity 
  • Device Address 
  • Termination Resistor 
  • ST & Total Resolution 
  • Preset 
  • Count Direction 
  • Speed Mode (RPM, Degree/sec, steps/sec, rad/sec, hertz) 
  • Limit Switch (Low & High) 
  • Factory Setting

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