Signal Converters

MOTRONA LW215-2 Fibre Optic Transmitter
LW215-2 Fibre Optic Transmitter Incremental Input Din Rail
MOTRONA LW216-2 Fibre Optic Receiver
Fibre Optic Receiver Incremental Output Din Rail
Motrona GV480 Universal Encoder Signal Splitter
Pulse Distributor for Incremental Encoder with complete Electrical Isolation, 8-channel
Motrona GV481 4 Way Encoder Signal Splitter
Encoder Signal Splitter 4 Way Short Circuit Proof Full Isolation
MOTRONA GV470 Encoder Signal Splitter 8 Way
Encoder Signal Splitter 8 Way
Motrona GV471 impulse signal splitter
Encoder signal splitter 4 way
Encoder Splitter with 8 Outputs
Motrona GV480, GV470, GV460
Encoder splitter with 4 outputs
Motrona GV481, GV471, GV461
Motrona GV210
Signal converter, splitter and cross switch
Motrona PU210
Universal Encoder Level Converter and Direction Decoder
Motrona IT210
Encoder Level Converter, Directional Decoder and programmable Pulse Divider
Motrona IV210
SSI signal to Ananlog 4-20mA (plus serial); Replaces IV251
Motrona FU210
Frequency to Analog 4-20mA (plus Serial RS232); Replaces FU252
Motrona ZU210
HTL or RS422 to 4-20mA; Replaces ZU252
Motrona UZ210
Universal Converter & Incremental Encoder Simulation Tool
Motrona SV210
Sine-Cosine Signal Splitter with 2 SinCos- and 2 Incremental Outputs
Motrona IP251
Signal Converter SSI, Absolute / RS232 >>> Parallel